ーHare's worldー 晴れ(Hare)が紡ぎ出す絵と物語 宇宙の生命、それらが憧れる地球の女神 魅惑の世界が広がる Arts and stories spun by Hare. Lifeform in the universe, the goddess of the earth that they yearn for, the fascinating world spreads

Right Tower

Right Tower 佐々木晴英~晴れ(hare)の世界

canvas 73×61×2cm(F20)

“Right Tower”を描いた他のアートワーク
Other artwork depicting “Right Tower”

By the light of “Right Tower”
過去生の記憶(Memories of Past life)

“Right Tower”に関連したアートワーク
Artwork related to “Right Tower”

Toward the “Right Tower”ーBy getting on “Floater”ー

“Right Tower”と一対の絵“Left Bridge”を描いたアートワーク
Artwork depicting “Left Bridge” which is a pair of “Right Tower”

Left Bridge
Under the“Left bridge”ーWith walker and Guideー

《大いなる種族(大天使)カタログ(The Gigantic Tribe(ARCHANGEL) CATALOGUE)》


【Right Tower】




Floater が言うには、Right Tower の左半身はどこかの砂漠にあるとの噂だ。


“The lighthouse has come into view”
“You will step on the ground soon that not fluffy ground”
“This place is that comfortable too”
“You are always complaining”
“Oh dear”
I think that a long journey in the abdomen of a creature that is transparent and can float like a cloud and move can be a good thing.

Humanoid lighthouse gradually coming closer. There is only the right half body, the cross section is a mirror.
The lighthouse stands in the middle of the lake at the center of the town.
“It is amazing to see her anytime. From when does she stand this?”
“I do not know when she is standing from, but I heard that a town was built at the foot of a lighthouse”
“And she seems to be alive”
“Has she been alive? Is there such a big humanoid?”
“They seems to be existed an ancient, I do not know if she cames from this star or another star”
“Oh, it’s about time for mooring”
The probe for mooring goes around the lighthouse and descends to the lake, and the vibrancy of the town is transmitted. It is already dusk, now, wine and delicious dish is waiting.

Floater says that the left side of Right Tower is have rumors that in the somewhere desert.
Someday I would like to see it.


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