ーHare's worldー 晴れ(Hare)が紡ぎ出す絵と物語 宇宙の生命、それらが憧れる地球の女神 魅惑の世界が広がる Arts and stories spun by Hare. Lifeform in the universe, the goddess of the earth that they yearn for, the fascinating world spreads

Team Hare

Team Hare

watercollor pencil,
mechanical pencil(シャープペンシル),
(acrylic(stars only))
illustration board 17.5×21×0.2cm

《チーム Hareのメンバー(Members of Team Hare)》
The seven-year-old star tribe(The devil tribe):Dominant tribe of the universe
Cat type cosmic race
Crocodile type cosmic race
・ヒューマノイド トールマン
Humanoid Tall man
・ヒューマノイド レディ
Humanoid Lady
・大天使(縮小投影クローン(サイズ 40m))
Archangel(Reduced projected clone(size 40m))

このアートワークに登場する“大いなる種族(大天使)”や“ワニ型宇宙種族”や“ヒューマノイド トールマン”や“ヒューマノイド レディ”を描いた他のアートワーク
Other artwork depicting “The Gigantic Tribe(Archangel)” and “Crocodile type cosmic race” and “Humanoid Tall man” and “Humanoid Lady” that appears in this artwork
発動するか?巨大ブレードクリスタルキャノンー新たな仲間”大天使”ー(Will it be activated? Giant-blade-crystal-cannonーNew comrade “Archangel”ー)

Other artwork depicting “Cat type cosmic race” that appears in this artwork
過去生の仲間ー猫型宇宙種族ー(Comrade in past-lifeーCat type cosmic raceー)

《大いなる種族(大天使)カタログ(The Gigantic Tribe(ARCHANGEL) CATALOGUE)》Page 2

【Team Hare】


A long time ago, It was 1 billion years ago.
They were a team that served “seven-year-old star” the dominant tribe of the universe. And the team belonged to unit of “The space alliance”.
But as they followed the leader ousted from mother star, they defied the space alliance.
One day, “archangel” joined the team.
Then, an unusual thing happened: they joined “The galaxy star clusters” a rebel group they had considered as their enemy.
A tribe of the seven-year-old stars has joined the galaxy star clusters.
Before long, he was called “Star-clusters-ish 7 years old” because of his unique position.
And “Team Hare”, along with their galaxy star clusters mates, finded the true star “Earth” on their fight against the space alliance.
Over the next 1 billion years, the fate began to involve The all-Dimensions.


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