ーHare's worldー 晴れ(Hare)が紡ぎ出す絵と物語 宇宙の生命、それらが憧れる地球の女神 魅惑の世界が広がる Arts and stories spun by Hare. Lifeform in the universe, the goddess of the earth that they yearn for, the fascinating world spreads

金色(こんじき)の天使(Konjiki Angel(Golden Angel))


canvas 46×38×2cm(F8)

Other artwork depicting ”Great forest”

告白の泉(Spring of Confession)

過去生の記憶(Memories of Past life)

《大いなる種族(大天使)カタログ(The Gigantic Tribe(ARCHANGEL) CATALOGUE)》Page 1


【金色(こんじき)の天使(Konjiki Angel(Golden Angel))】






The mysterious world created by tens of millions of huge trees.
This forest is a vast world made up of trees that are more than 1000 meters each.
The trunks of Shiraai (White indigo: the lightest shade of indigo) reflect faint light from the sky to each other and illuminate to the root.
Seen from above, the forest looks like a flat vast carpet made of green leaves. The sunlight leaking emanating from a carpet of leaves created by foliage crowded only at the tops of trees. It is a vast Shiraai space lined with numerous giant trees that are illuminated by the reflection of the sunlight that comes through the trees.
The world is so mysterious that it is isolated from the outside world by the carpet of leaves.

The trunk is more than 20m in diameter, and the distance between trees is variable, with a narrow place measuring about 40m.
Sometimes there is a high-pitched voice of a creature that lives in this forest world.
The quiet and mysterious space, which is entirely illuminated by a faint light, is further enhanced the sense of another world by the voices of living creatures.

The ground of the forest has no soil and is full of pure water. At the bottom of the water, The shiraai trunk fragments have been piled up for over 10000 years.
The tree is well over 1200m in height, including underwater.

There is an open space like the square in the forest.
The trees here are lit not by the sunlight that comes through the trees, but by direct sunlight. There are even times when it reaches the water surface.

There are some who soar vertically along the trunk of a smooth and a little uneven tree.
The moist air near the water surface of the square is warmed by direct sunlight and tries to rise while increasing its volume in order to expand into the space of the square.
The spreading air is blocked by the trunks of the trees that face the square, forming an air current that rises up along the trunks.
The air current mixes with the warmed air above the square, then increases its force and rises to the top, and reaches the branches and leaves of the trees.
They spread their wings, which are half the width of the trunk of huge tree, to the sides, and receive the air current that rises.
They may be lighter than they look.
They shine golden on the surface of their bodies and rise beautifully along the shiraai trunks to the hazy branches and leaves of huge trees.
It looks like “Konjiki Angel (Golden Angel)”
They are called that.




《Living things expressed as “Angel” here》
I describe them as angels, but they are not actually angels.

“True angel” is an existence that protects and guides people, and an angel protects one person.
The angels on Earth have looking like Western women, and they protect the people of Mu and the people of “The Galaxy Star Clusters” that continue being reincarnation on Earth.
On the other hand, tourists who come to Earth for sightseeing tours are protected by space angels. Tourists are the space tribes that lay their bodies on their own mother stars, send only their minds on Earth. The space angels protect them during sightseeing tours too.

Those whom I refer to here as angels are, those who invisible to ordinary people because of their high wave frequency of mind and body like “true angel”, but they are not protectors.
They are living things with bright and unusual bodies.
They are lovely and beautiful beings.


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