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《ディテールアップバージョン(Version of add details)》
七歳の星クローン兵器 ダークマター引斥力強制振動フィールド発生リング装備形態(The seven-year-old star’s Clone-weapons Dark-matter attractive-repulsive-force forced oscillation field generating ring equipped form)

《ディテールアップ バージョン》七歳の星クローン兵器 ダークマター引斥力強制振動フィールド発生リング装備形態

canvas 41×32×2cm(F6)
2018年/add details 2019年


【七歳の星クローン兵器 ダークマター引斥力強制振動フィールド発生リング装備形態(The seven-year-old star’s Clone-weapons Dark-matter attractive-repulsive-force forced oscillation field generating ring equipped form)】






Suddenly a section of this space area dyed blue.
“What happened?”
“what is this?”
“What is this blue?”
A little frightened voice of my comrades echoes to the cockpit of the battle ship I ride.

A battle began in this space area, and a ring was confirmed in a space far away on the enemy side.
Whether it is a new type ship or a new weapon, there is nothing in the data bank of our The Galaxy-clusters.
When the fight against the enemy’s Clone-weapon on the front line was intensifying, one of the front lines stained blue.
The comrade fighter pilots’s voices convey that strange sight.
Following the voices of comrades surprised against the light that shines blue and dyes space, the voices mixed with screams echoes.
“Gou Oh … it hurts … torn!”
“Uoo … hot, melting”
It was a cry of the apocalypse.

We had no choice but to watch the annihilation of the comrades of the front line.
The enemy raised the blue light seven times.
While watching the comrades dying, we used energy detectors to find out what the blue light is.
Within the blue light, opposing forces of attractive force and repulsive force were generated. Furthermore, the force was alternately switched so that the waves flowed. And it was alternately switched in a short space and in a short time so that the human body could be crushed with that power. Like to vibrate.
The ring on the far side of the enemy was moving to the front line.
The source of blue light was that ring with a diameter of 200 m.

Our comrades who were fighting on the front line were crushed. Besides pilots, fighter aircraft were also destroyed shattered.
But why, the enemy’s Clone-weapons were not destroyed at all.
I soon realized the reason. They … must have generated the power that the pilot of Clone-weapons themselves can offset.
It compressed the offsetting attractive-repulsive-force generated by the pilot so that the Clone-weapon synchronized with the blue light into a short place / short time vibration, and wrapped it around themselves.
That is the worst new weapon.

As we understood in the latter battle, the ring was equipped by the Clone-weapon and operated, the Cloned-weapon pilot’s psychokinesis wave generated attractive-repulsive-force in space, Clone-weapon amplify psychokinesis wave, and it was a startling weapon that the ring compresses it further into short space / short time vibration and further amplifies it

《兵器仕様(Weapon specifications)》

【七歳の星クローン兵器 ダークマター引斥力強制振動フィールド発生リング装備形態(The seven-year-old star’s Clone-weapons Dark-matter attractive-repulsive-force forced oscillation field generating ring equipped form)】



〈Clone weapons〉
・Battle-humanoid-form-weapons of“The star of Seven-Year-Old”as the dominant tribe of the galaxy
・Height is about 40 m
・The clone weapons is using the pilot’s genes, the weapons of expanded-projecting-clone that arranged the pilot’s physique as matching with battle
・Gene provider pilot for clone is maneuvering clone by thought by boarding a pilot sphere in the lumbar region
・Defensive skin as standard

〈Dark-matter attractive-repulsive-force forced oscillation field generating ring〉

①Clone’s psychokinesis wave contact ring (shoulder hold type)
・Make contacts with cloned weapons that amplified clone weapons pilot’s psychokinesis wave, and connect psychokinesis wave to field generating ring.
②Dark-matter-propulsion-ball parallel attractive-repulsive-force amplifying cylinder
・Plurality setting that Dark-matter-propulsion-ball which are normally equipped as singular form in the Clone-weapons, and it amplifies attractive-repulsive-force, cylinder-like propulsion equipment that can be equipped to the legs.
・Synchronize with Dark-matter-propulsion-ball of the Field-generating-ring itself, and operate moving the entire weapon system.
③Fan-shaped(Ougi) diffusion electromagnetic cannon
④Crystal cannon


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