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ダークマター推進バイシクル(Dark matter-propulsion Bicycle)


mechanical pencil(シャープペンシル),
watercolor pencil,
illustration board 26×36×0.1cm(B4)

《兵器仕様(Weapon specifications)》

【ダークマター推進バイシクル(Dark matter-propulsion Bicycle)】


Dedicated Bicycle of “Seven-year-old Star” Tribe
・Designed according to the height of the tribal 120cm that height of the seven year old star
・Can be steered with only the powerful Supernatural power of the seven-year-old star tribe
・Every flight is possible by two dark matter propelling balls are set in front of and behind the car body
・The view blocked by the front dark matter-propulsion-ball is secured by projecting the image inside the cockpit canopy
・During parking, cycle is held in an inclined state by automatic attitude control of the dark matter propelling ball (for ride on and get off)
・Weapons can be equipped


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