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七歳の星クローン兵器 ビームキャノンスカート装備形態(試作開発中) (The seven-year-old star’s clone weapons Beam-cannon-skirt equipped form(prototype under development))

七歳の星クローン兵器 ビームキャノンスカート装備形態(試作開発中)

mechanical pencil(シャープペンシル),
watercolor pencil,
illustration board 30×21×0.1cm(A4)

《兵器仕様(Weapon specifications)》

【七歳の星クローン兵器 ビームキャノンスカート装備形態(試作開発中) (The seven-year-old star’s clone weapons Beam-cannon-skirt equipped form(prototype under development))】








〈Clone weapons〉
・Battle-humanoid-form-weapons of“The star of Seven-Year-Old”as the dominant tribe of the galaxy
・Height is about 40 m
・The clone weapons is using the pilot’s genes, the weapons of expanded-projecting-clone that arranged the pilot’s physique as matching with battle
・Gene provider pilot for clone is maneuvering clone by thought by boarding a pilot sphere in the lumbar region
・Defensive skin as standard

〈Beam cannon skirt (prototype under development)〉
・Multiple barrel type beam cannon that can be equipped on the waist of clone weapons
・A Dark matter-propulsion-ball is incorporated as a control device for each cannon, and the pilot can manipulate cannon motion and beam shooting by thought through a clone
・Beam-cannon can also be used as Beam-sword in short range battle
・Beam energy can be stored in each cannon

〈Beam cannon bangle〉
・A optional equipment for Beam-cannon-skirt, can be equipped on the arm of clone weapons
・Beam energy can be stored in a Beam-energy-tank that can be equipped on the elbow of a clone weapons

〈Dark matter shield〉
・Shield utilizing the repulsive force of dark matter, can be equipped on the arm of clone weapons
・Perform a double defense of repulsion force to substance and energy by dark matter plate and defense from substance and energy by beam energy shape retention device
・Enlargement/reduction of beam energy shape can be done, which can also be partially done

〈Operation mask〉
・Beam-cannon-skirt’s cannon’s complex control becomes possible, mask to be worn on the head of clone weapons

〈Beam energy tank〉
・Reserve-energy-tank for Beam-cannon-skirt and Beam-cannon-bungle, can be equipped on the back of clone weapons
・Beam-cannon-skirt and Beam-cannon-bungle are supplemented with beam energy by contactless transmission

〈Auxiliary Dark matter-propulsion-ball〉
・As an aid to the independent movement of clone weapons, auxiliary Dark matter-propulsion-ball is equipped on both shoulder portions and both calf portions
(Normally, clone weapons control the attraction and repulsion of the dark matter full of space by the supernatural powers of the pilot seven-year-old star.
And, by synchronizing itself with a clone weapon which has expanded and cloned himself, it can move the outer space by increasing the supernatural power.
However, there are cases where Auxiliary-dark-matter-propulsion-balls are equipped in consideration of rapid movement and long-term movement.)


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