ーHare's worldー 晴れ(Hare)が紡ぎ出す絵と物語 宇宙の生命、それらが憧れる地球の女神 魅惑の世界が広がる Arts and stories spun by Hare. Lifeform in the universe, the goddess of the earth that they yearn for, the fascinating world spreads

私達の宇宙船(Our Spaceship)


mechanical pencil(シャープペンシル),
illustration board 18×26×0.1cm(B5)
(illustration board size 36×26×0.2mm(B4))

《私達の宇宙船(Our Spaceship)》

・全長(Over-all length):240m
・船殻(Ship hull)
 本体部(Body part)
 :鏡面船殻(Mirror surface ship hull)
 卵形楕円球体部(Egg-shaped oval sphere part)
 :透明船殻(Transparent ship hull)



This is a spaceship made by the “The seven-year-old star,” which I have been using since I belonged to The Space Alliance before I joined The Galaxy Star Clusters.

I was born to a race of The seven-year-old star, the dominant race in the universe. However, I was born as the only being with a heart of light among The seven-year-old star race, a dark race known as the devil race. For this reason, I was looked at strangely by my own race and by other races belonging to The Space Alliance, who called me “Mr. metamorphosis”. I was later expelled from my home planet and from The Space Alliance.
Upon my banishment, I was allowed to join The Galaxy Star Clusters, which had previously been my enemy, along with my comrades, who were assigning to my starship.
Then I and my comrades and would use our spaceship to fight as part of The Galaxy Star Clusters against my home planet and The Space Alliance.

《“私達の宇宙船”が登場するアートワーク(Artworks featuring “Our Spaceship”)》


忘れられた星(Forgotten Star)

真の闇のモノ達 #2ー真に純粋な輝くモノー(True darkness things #2ーA truly pure shining thingー)

真の闇のモノ達 #3ー暗闇に潜むモノー (True darkness things #3ーA thing lurking in the darknessー)

発動するか?巨大ブレードクリスタルキャノンー新たな仲間“大天使”ー(Will it be activated? Giant-blade-crystal-cannonーNew comrade “Archangel”ー)
 ※Artwork depicting the “artwork perspective” of the enlarged image)

地球の女神ー銀河星団“護衛艦隊”ー(Goddess of The EarthーThe Galaxy Star Clusters “Fleet Escort Force”ー)


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