ーHare's worldー 晴れ(Hare)が紡ぎ出す絵と物語 宇宙の生命、それらが憧れる地球の女神 魅惑の世界が広がる Arts and stories spun by Hare. Lifeform in the universe, the goddess of the earth that they yearn for, the fascinating world spreads

地球決戦(The Earth Battle)

10億年前のあの日に関わるアートワーク達。宇宙の支配種族である七歳の星とそれに従う宇宙連合による地球の殲滅が行われたあの日。地球を護る為に七歳の星と宇宙連合に対し全力で戦い、そして散っていった銀河星団の仲間達。Artworks related to that day one billion years ago. The day when The seven-year-old star, the dominant race in the universe, and The Space Alliance that followed them annihilated the Earth. The Comrades of The Galaxy Star Clusters battled with all their might against The seven-year-old star and The Space Alliance to protect the Earth, and then scattered.