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地球の女神ー銀河星団“護衛艦隊”ー(Goddess of The EarthーThe Galaxy Star Clusters “Fleet Escort Force”ー)


canvas 53×46×2cm(F10)


【地球の女神ー銀河星団“護衛艦隊”ー(Goddess of The EarthーThe Galaxy Star Clusters “Fleet Escort Force”ー)】









Goddess of the earth heading for the Moon
Moving through space, escorted by a convoy of The galaxy star clusters
To prepare for the battle for the fate of the Earth
To escape the fleet war against the seven-year-old star and the space coalition that follows it.
I must take refuge on the moon
The galaxy star clusters of stars about to put their lives on the line to protect the Earth
I look at the fleet as if I am trying to burn this thought into my mind with a grieving gaze
My eyes stare at the moon powerfully, as if I am preparing for a cruel future, while holding back the heat tears

And so it begins
The attempt of the dimensions to bet a long time

The future is set
To reach that future, this brutal battle is crucial

Far beyond time, all dimensions will be enveloped in hope
And for that, this suffering is necessary

We will merge the light with the darkness
And in this battle the seed of that hope will be manifested

A being born with a fusion of light and darkness
He wishs for the future as he dies

And so begins the totality of the plan for the future of all dimensions

And a billion years of unbearable earth suffering begins at the same time ………

《地球の女神(Goddess of The Earth)》

(Goddess of the mu dimension who watches over the earth)




宇宙の支配種族によって地球と伴に滅ぼされた私達 銀河星団は、ムー次元の惑星である地球の復活を地球で輪廻をしながら10億年間待ったのだ。

The Goddess of the Mu dimension who watches over the people of Earth (The blue-eyed apes).
Earth, a planet in the Mu dimension.
The people of Earth, the blue-eyed apes, are those who have a higher mind than any cosmic race and stronger psychic powers than the dominant race of the universe, the race of The seven-year-old star. It is for this reason that The seven-year-old star has decided to destroy Earth.
However, The seven-year-old star did not just destroy the earth.
They left behind a small number of blue-eyed apes (Earthlings) and genetically engineered them to look like a race of The seven-year-old star. They then decided to exploit the strong energy of the earthlings.
For this reason, Earth was made a tourist planet and was to survive.

(※I believe that these things themselves were part of a plan made by the god and goddesses of the mu dimension.)

Then one billion years passed.
The resurrection of the earth, which I wished for on my deathbed while being destroyed, and which the god of Mu promised to fulfill, will become a reality.
We, The Galaxy Star Clusters, who were destroyed along with the Earth by the dominant race of the universe, have waited for one billion years for the resurrection of the Earth, the planet of the Mu dimension, by reincarnating on Earth.
And I, we, were born to accomplish it in this-life.

《シリンダー型宇宙船(The cylinder type space ship)》



A spaceship built by The Galaxy Star Clusters to evacuate The Earth Goddess to the Moon in preparation for The Earth battle against The seven-year-old star, the dominant race in the universe, and The Space Alliance led by it.

・Over-all length:350 m, Diameter:108 m
 (Built to match the height of The Earth Goddess at 200m)
・The cylinder type spaceship carrying The Earth Goddess is equipped with six large Dark-matter-propulsion-balls. They are more than sufficient for normal travel, and can be used for rapid evacuation in an emergency, as well as to repel external attacks with enough repulsion to cover the entire cylinder.
・Dark-matter plates are installed inside the cylinder type spaceship, which can generate pseudo-gravity inside the cylinder type spaceship at will.
・Large crystal are installed inside the cylinder type spaceship to manage the energy, environment, and temperature inside the cylinder using crystal energy.
・When The Earth Goddess evacuates to the Moon, she is accompanied by nine people of the Mu dimension who serve the Goddess.They serve around the Goddess in boats floated by dark matter plates.

《銀河星団“護衛艦隊”(The Galaxy Star Clusters “Fleet Escort Force”)》


A fleet of about 40 ships, mostly battleships, accompanied the Earth Goddess as she took refuge on the Moon.
From its size, one can surmise how important “Goddess of The Earth” was to The Galaxy Star Clusters.

 ・全長(Over-all length):400m

 [航空戦艦(Carrier Battleship)]
 ・全長(Over-all length):700m

 [航空戦艦に搭載の戦闘機(Fighters carried in The Carrier Battleships)]
 ・全長(Over-all length):14m

 [私達の宇宙船(Our Spaceship)]
 ・全長(Over-all length):240m

《10億年前の地球(The Earth One Billion Years Ago)》




The earth was floated in the universe (Seiju’s dimension) as a planet in the Mu dimension by the god of Mu.
Glimmering particles of light dance and envelop the earth.
From a distance, it seems to be surrounded by a film of light.
And it shines a pale blue.
A star more beautiful, noble and pure than any other star in the universe.

More than 60,000 spaceships of The Galaxy Star Clusters were rallying around the Earth in preparation for the Earth battle between the dominant race of the universe, the Seven Year Old Star, and the Space Alliance that follows it.
It was shining in the shape of a disc.

There are 100 million of The Galaxy Star Clusters who have found Earth and risked their lives to protected it.
We have been waiting for this-life for one billion years, suffering and not abandoning our thoughts, having been forgiven for our reincarnation on earth.

《このアートワークに関連したアートワーク(Artwork related to this artwork)》

真実の星ー地球ー(The Star of TruthーEarthー)

女神の森(The forest of Goddess)

シリンダー型宇宙船(The cylinder type space ship)

《大いなる種族(大天使)カタログ(The Gigantic Tribe(ARCHANGEL) CATALOGUE)》Page 2
24 大天使を移送する護衛艦隊(A Fleet-Escort-Force that transports An archangel)
:GODDESS OF EARTH who evacuates to MOON protected by THE GALAXY STAR CLUSTERS(銀河星団に護られながら月まで避難する地球の女神)

上空に浮かぶ島との遭遇(Encounter with an island floating in the high sky)
(※A later story of the battleship of The Galaxy Star Cluster that escaped from being destroyed at the end of The Earth battle)

《このアートワークに関連した構造説明図(Structural drawing related to this artwork)》

銀河星団の戦艦(Battleships of The Galaxy Star Clusters)

銀河星団の航空戦艦(Carrier Battleships of The Galaxy Star Clusters)

銀河星団の航空戦艦に搭載の戦闘機(Fighters carried in The Carrier Battleships of The Galaxy Star Clusters)

私達の宇宙船(Our Spaceship)

《地球決戦を描いた他のアートワーク(Other artwork depicting The Earth Battle)》

あの日ー殺戮の船ー#1(That dayーGenocide Shipー#1)

あの日ー殺戮の船ー#2(That dayーGenocide Shipー#2)

銀河大戦の記憶 クローン兵器(Memories of the galactic war Clone weapons)




紅き炎(Crimson Flame)


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