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銀河星団の戦艦(Battleships of The Galaxy Star Clusters)


mechanical pencil(シャープペンシル),
illustration board 21×30×0.1cm(A4)

《この構造説明図に関連したアートワーク(Artwork related to this structural drawing)》

地球の女神ー銀河星団“護衛艦隊”ー(Goddess of The EarthーThe Galaxy Star Clusters “Fleet Escort Force”ー)

シリンダー型宇宙船(The cylinder type space ship)

漆黒の巨星(Jet black star)

上空に浮かぶ島との遭遇(Encounter with an island floating in the high sky)
(※A later story of the battleship of The Galaxy Star Cluster that escaped from being destroyed at the end of The Earth battle)

《この構造説明図に関連した構造説明図(Structural drawing related to this structural drawing)》

銀河星団の航空戦艦(Carrier Battleships of The Galaxy Star Clusters)

銀河星団の航空戦艦に搭載の戦闘機(Fighters carried in The Carrier Battleships of The Galaxy Star Clusters)

私達の宇宙船(Our Spaceship)

【銀河星団の戦艦(Battleships of The Galaxy Star Clusters)】

・全長(Over-all length):400m


[シールド方法(Shielding Method)]
(The Dark-Matter-Repulsion-Force-Shield-Sphere is ejected forward from the bow, and the Shield-Control-Sphere inside the battleship controls the Dark-Matter-Repulsion-Force-Shield-Sphere to deploy the shield)

 (The main body of the battleship (inside the deployed Multiple Beam Cannon) is shielded from enemy beams and material shells by the repulsive energy of the Dark-Matter-Repulsion-Force-Shield-Sphere)

 (The entire battleship, including the deployed Multiple Beam Cannon, is shielded by the repulsive energy of the Dark-Matter-Repulsion-Force-Shield-Sphere, which shrinks the repulsive energy to inside the Multiple Beam Cannon only when the Multiple Beam Cannon fires)

《ビーム砲(Beam Cannon)》

 (Multiple Beam Cannon:4cannons)
   (Normal mode:Fire in 4 directions(up,down,left,right))
   (Forward firing mode:deploys Multiple Beam Cannons and fires forward)

 (Front Beam Cannon:6cannons)

 (Rear Beam Cannon:4cannons)


  (The bridge has three layers, and the entire bridge is covered by a transparent capsule)

  (The bridge can be retracted when engaging the enemy, etc.)


 (Main Propulsion Ball:1ball)

 (Sub Propulsion Ball:2balls)

 (Propulsion Ball Activated at Max Propulsion(Maximum-Propulsion-Ball):1ball)

 (※The Maximum-Propulsion-Ball inside the battleship is connected to the Main Propulsion Ball, which is half exposed outside the battleship, and at the dark-matter propulsion maximum state, the Maximum-Propulsion-Ball moves inside the battleship as the entire Main Propulsion Ball is exposed outside the battleship)

《旗艦が掲げるビーム旗(Beam Flags Flown by Flagship)》

 (The base of Beam Flags is retractable and is space-locked to the flagship by a small Dark-Matter-Propulsion-Ball)

・ビーム旗の色(Beam Flags Color)
 ・1番艦(First ship)
   上側(Upper side):青(Blue)
   下側(Lower side):赤(Red)
 ・2番艦(Second ship)、3番艦(Third ship)
   上側(Upper side):緑(Green)
   下側(Lower side):赤(Red)

《地球決戦の前に地球の女神を護衛した艦隊の部隊エンブレム(Unit emblem of the fleet that escorted the Earth Goddess before the Earth battle)》

・赤いエンブレム(Red emblem)

 (Three overlapping rhombi arranged in an inverted triangle, with three wedge-shaped elements placed diagonally upward and downward around the rhombi)

 (Painted on the front of the Dark-Matter Repulsion Force Shield Sphere on the bow)


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