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機械種族#1ー砲撃手ー(The Mechanical tribe #1ーThe Bombarderー)


mechanical pencil(シャープペンシル),
illustration board 21×30×0.2cm(A4)

《機械種族 “素体”と砲撃手について》

[機械種族 “素体(Prime-mind)”]
・機械種族 素体 体長:10m

・直立移動形態時 体長:400m
・砲撃形態時 全長:390m

・身体中央部前面に、生命エネルギーの元である“マインド コア”を持ち、マインド コアによって砲撃時の臨界エネルギー操作も行う。
・身体後部下面と脚首部に、砲撃時の身体固定用アンカーを装備。 (重力下においては身体後端の引斥力制御ボールの併用も可)

《Regarding The Mechanical tribe’s “Prime-mind” and The Bombarder》

[The Mechanical tribe’s “Prime-mind”]
“Prime-mind” fuses with the body of The Bombarder at a site that looks like the head of The Bombarder.
This “Prime-mind” is the original mechanical tribe.
They are also turning most of their bodies into machines.
Their brains are still organism, but they brains has many additional devices.
・Body hight of The Mechanical tribe’s “Prime-mind”:10m

[The Bombarder]
The bombarder is a “Pseudo-life” called “Quasi-mind” which is made mechanically and has consciousness as an individual, and when it fuses with the “Prime-body”, the consciousness also fuses with the element body to fight.
・Body hight of Upright-walking-form:400m
・Body length of Bombardment-form:390m

・At the time of bombardment, the central part of the body expands, the energy of the energy storage part in the rear part of the body is sent to the expand part, the energy frequency is raised in the expand part to just before the criticality, the energy just before the criticality is concentrated in the emission part, and the forward release is carried out.
・In solo battles without tactical guides, “Field watcher” equipped on the back of the rear part of the body take off to grasp the battlefield, target lock-on at the time of bombardment, and grasp the presence or absence of enemies from the sky.
・The front part of the body is equipped with a “Antiaircraft cannon” on the back against enemy attacks from the sky, etc. at the time of bombardment.
・On both shoulders is equipped with “War situation grasped General-purpose radar”.
・In front of the central part of the body, there is a “Mind core” which is the source of life energy, and critical energy at the time of bombardment is controlled by the “Mind core”.
・The rear end of the body is equipped with a “The attraction-repulsion-force control ball” to fix the body in the space when bombardment in outer space.
・The rear lower surface of the body and the leg neck are equipped with anchors for fixing the body during gunfire.
(It is also possible to use “The attraction-repulsion-force control ball” of the body rear end under gravity.)
・The forearm is equipped with a stretch function to increase the angle of fire.
・The forearm is equipped with a beam bangle for defense in Upright-walking-form.

“A Gigantic tribe (Archangel)” that fought against the Mechanical tribe》

・スパイダーローズ(Spider Rose)

哀しみのスパイダーローズ(Sorrowful Spider Rose)
:The WARRIOR on The Moon who protects A Companion from The Mechanical Tribe(機械種族から仲間を護る月面の戦士)

哀しみのスパイダーローズ(Sorrowful Spider Rose)

《大いなる種族(大天使)カタログ(The Gigantic Tribe(ARCHANGEL) CATALOGUE)》Page 2