ーHare's worldー 晴れ(Hare)が紡ぎ出す絵と物語 宇宙の生命、それらが憧れる地球の女神 魅惑の世界が広がる Arts and stories spun by Hare. Lifeform in the universe, the goddess of the earth that they yearn for, the fascinating world spreads

ステンドグラス幼虫(The Stained Glass Larva)[地球のモノノ怪達 #1(The Mononoke on The Earth #1)]

ステンドグラス幼虫[地球のモノノ怪達 #1]

canvas 22×27×1.5cm(F3)

《ステンドグラス幼虫について(Regarding The Stained Glass Larva)》


A mysterious colorful figure.
The larval appearance of something.
He is a Mononoke, a three-dimensional combination of triangular planes that looks like a solid stained glass. It is about 90 cm in length.
He was a Mononoke who possessed my TwinRay. Recently, I remotely checked TwinRay’s energy body and captured and exorcised him.
He is also an Energy Life form.

《地球のモノノ怪達(The Mononoke on The Earth)》


The life forms listed here are those beings that possessed persons. Those beings call Yokai and Mononoke.
Ghosts and Spooks are the state after human death, and they are ubiquitous. And they possess human because they want it to be understood by living humans their suffering.
On the other hand, yokai and mononoke possess for the purpose of protecting person. But it’s never good for person. Because person are influenced by their feelings and consciousness. There are many times when person’s minds are not calm and degenerate.
The artworks I draw is what I, who can control energy, captured (exorcised) them who are energy bodies, and this is their appearance when they returned home. (Some were returned by the reincarnation of Mu’s God.)
They call humans who cannot see them “pebbles” and ignore them.
Humans cannot see them with the naked eye. You can see them with the third eye which is a visual sense with very high frequency vision.
They have higher frequencies than humans, and they are higher than humans as beings.
(By the way, the shrines after 15: 30 are places where Mononoke gather. It’s not a place where human can come in.)

“地球のモノノ怪達”を描く他のアートワーク(Other artworks depicting “The Mononoke on The Earth”)

ドラゴン戦車(The Dragon Tank)[地球のモノノ怪達 #2(The Mononoke on The Earth #2)]

テイルコートとトップハットを装う狐紳士(A Fox Gentleman in a Tailcoat and Tophat)[地球のモノノ怪達 #3(The Mononoke on The Earth #3)]


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